Today I went to Port Townsend.  I have decided that I am in love with this little corner of the world, maybe.  I have wanted to go ever since I got to Sequim but I didn’t have a specific reason till now and before, well lets just say the weather…  

So why did I go today of all days, to Port Townsend?    I was picking up a script for an audition.  Yes, I am auditioning for a role in a play! Live theater.  

Theater was a passion of mine in college and I’ve always wanted to get back into it.  I saw a casting call in the local newspaper, but only after the fact. Nonetheless I sent an email and the other day I got an email back from the director of one of the plays in the upcoming season, inviting me to audition.  How cool is that?

Of course I’m hoping to get chosen to play the role I’m auditioning for, but I’m also hoping to just meet some fun new, stimulating people, and to grow.  After I got the script I cruised around town and visited a wine shop (surprise!) and a bookstore (surprise!), and a cool Pub where I had a glass of wine and met some of the locals (I liked them).  Port Townsend may just have one of the best collections of authentic Victorian architecture I have ever seen.  It is a very lovely, sweet, and unspoiled mini-city.  I am charmed.

On my way out of town I stopped at the Safeway and bought 10 soft pink tulips, some grapefruit, and an avocado.  Oh yes, I went and got gas from the Safeway station  and used my card.  I saved a little money  but what really amazed me was that it cost me less to fill up  the tank of my Jeep Grand Cherokee today than it ever had since I have owned it.  Does anyone else think that is a little bizarre?  I’m not complaining, but I never expected that I would pay less to fuel my guzzler than I did when I bought it.

This is all I will say for now.