Caught in the Act!

Caught in the Act!

The train wreck that is Jon and Kate has come completely off the rails.  The farce foisted upon the American public by this greedy exploitative couple has run out of steam.  It appears obvious that the marriage has ceased to exist for nearly over six months, and though the couple had hoped to create the illusion of it’s continuing existence they were foiled by their own sloppy behavior and their underestimation of the dogged determination of the paparazzi.  

Even without the dissolution of the marriage the house of Gosselin was crumbling as surely as a deflating bouncey house.  Their born again fans had been forking over "love gifts" for years at church "appearances" falling for their needy spiel hook, line and sinker.  Even the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was scammed into paying for a full time baby nurse for a year and college educations for the whole brood even though Jon had pocketed a nice inheritance from his dead dentist father.  Apparently this is just one of many investigations that are currently underway.

The lavish lifestyle and obvious greed of the Gosselins had become too obvious for even the sheeple to ignore.  Free designer clothes, free hair plugs for Jon, free tummy tuck and booby work for Kate, free vacations that occurred with increasing frequency, spa treatments for Kate, free this, free that, and then a new house, on 30 acres, free from the prying eyes of neighbors who had grown openly hostile toward them.  Filming had become a constant, year round affair, their homes turned into one giant studio with the most intimate details of their children’s lives caught on camera.  

Kate Caught in the Act!  She is a mean Mom!

Kate Caught in the Act! She is a mean Mom!

Their facade of being an average loving family working their asses off to care for their children began to crack a few years ago when reports surfaced revealing that neither one of them worked.  The exploitation of their children had become a full time job.  The care of their children was accomplished by carefully hidden full time staffers.  Kate claimed to have written a book, though it was actually penned by another.  This afforded Kate the opportunity to escape the home and go on book tours and public appearances alone, well not really alone as we know now.

 Their relationship had always been acrimonious but it was obvious to even the most naive viewer that goose and gander were not honking the same tune.  All that money though, they couldn’t give that up.  And they have been spending so much of that 75k per episode and all the freebies…  what will they do?

 They will attempt to draw this out as long as possible.  They’ll call it a separation and try to film each other separately.  They may even try to spin off a series for Jon, showing him setting up a place of his own.  I wouldn’t put anything past them.   Jon may lack all ambition and not be sharpest knife in the drawer but at least he seems to genuinely love his kids and interacts with them in a meaningful, realistic way.  

From Radar Online - Hey Jon!  What're you smoking?

From Radar Online - Hey Jon! What're you smoking?

Kate’s got some issues and I suspect the recent spanking expose is the tip of the iceberg.  There is also the issue of the money.  The money that the children have earned.  Since this is a reality show being filmed in Pennsylvania legislation that has been in place in California to protect child stars from getting ripped off by their parents does not apply to the eight little Gosselings.  With mommy prancing around in Loubotins and Daddy ripping it up with a custom 125k cycle, there might not be much left by the time the kids reach majority.

 Separation for as long as they can drag it out and they’ll attempt to spin off a Jon reality show.  That’s my prediction.counter for wordpress