Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget
Falls drop by drop upon the heart,
Until, in our own despair,
Against our will,
Comes wisdom
Through the awful grace of God.

And so it goes, a chapter of American political history, a dynasty, is closed. Who could have guessed that the youngest of four brothers would end up having the most influence, in the long haul, on American politics? But he did, and a lion he was, a champion for those whose lives were far less blessed in material gifts than his own. Ironically, the great wealth of his family seemed to attract an even greater measure of heartache and tragedy, an awful equalizer.

He was a man with more than his share of personal weaknesses and faults, but in the end the measure of this man and his work will not be found wanting. I regret that he did not live to see a proper health care system enacted in America.

He tried.
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